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Mark Ahrens is a visual artist from Long Island, NY. He attended Ithaca College and Chautauqua Institution's Visual Arts program. After living in Kansas for five years, Mark is back in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Unless otherwise noted, all realistic drawings and paintings were created while working on-site (i.e. not from a photograph).


Hokusai's Great Wave (acrylic on "sKratch" sculpting medium)
13" diameter, 8" tall.

Abstract waterways (oil on canvas)

Manhattan, KS (oil on canvas)
These four paintings were created mostly on-site, and finished from photos.


Album art (manipulated digital photography)
Handicapped symbol and sunset source photos taken by Mark. Galaxy and old map - public domain.
All other source photos were taken by Mark's father.


Abstract (oil on canvas)

Commissions (oil on canvas)
Montanita Beach, Ecuador // West Virginia Home
The Ecuador painting was composed from several source photos.

Manhattan, KS & Fort Riley (oil on canvas; pen on paper)

Fourth painting has some echo-abstract bits.
Drawings were made while bell-ringing for Salvation Army, to stave off death by boredom.


Manhattan, KS (oil on canvas; pen on paper)

Martha Clara Vineyards, NY (oil on canvas; charcoal on paper)


Long Island farm-stand (oil on canvas; charcoal on paper)
From Andrews Family Farm in Wading River, NY.
The paintings were started on-site, and finished working from photos.

Line and Form (steel, thread, window screen)
6 feet tall, large cube 1-foot sides, small cubes 6-inch sides.

Chautauqua, NY (oil on canvas)
Mark's mentor at Chautauqua Institution's Visual Arts program was Stanley Lewis.


"Natural Wit" (temporary sculptures, digital photography)
Mark's photography mentor at Ithaca College was Ron Jude.


Undergrad work (charcoal/pencil on paper; oil on canvas)
Mark's painting mentor at Ithaca College was Jeremy Long.


"Chuck" (B&W film photography)

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